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Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Decisions

We like to start our day on a positive note and whenever possible read or listen to a peaceful message to set a good tone for the day. Something we heard recently comes from Matthew Kelly, an author and inspirational speaker devoted to helping people become the best versions of themselves. In the spirit of promoting good things, we wanted to share a phrase he uses, “Just do the next right thing.”

In the course of a day we are constantly making decisions from the moment we wake up until it’s time to go to sleep.  Thinking in small increments as we are living our lives, choosing to do what is right in each moment is a valuable tool in helping to spread the love and peace. It also helps put things in perspective in a way that’s not overwhelming and promotes your happiness!


Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Show Compassion

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We spent a day together this past week under not the best of circumstances. One of us was injured and the other spent the day helping out with doctor visits, medication, cooking, picking up the kids, etc. But the lesson of the day for us was about compassion – not only between us but noticed everywhere we went.

Doctor visits can be stressful. At the onset, it’s usually difficult to get an appointment, especially a last minute one, and then there’s a lot of waiting – to sign in, see the doctor, check out. When you’re in pain it’s no picnic! But  healthcare providers can make all the difference.  Compassion in the medical field is a must and the care we had last week was great. It was such a blessing to be treated so compassionately by people who were essentially strangers to us.

And it didn’t end there! The pharmacy, errands, family, friends, co-workers, we felt the goodness of humanity that day, a day we really needed it. And we are fine, a “this too shall pass” injury, but we will definitely remember the love and compassion felt all around us that day, long after restored health. Happy Lent…share the blessings as we strive to as well!


Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Lent & Faith

We are in the heart of the Lenten season and try hard each year to make promises that promote positive change in our lives. It is hard but we’ve learned to never stop trying. One thing we’ve discovered that is helpful, no matter what the season, is to do something daily. Take, for example, small affirmative messages of hope and faith.  There is something transformative in daily readings that promotes a positive sense of well-being.  It doesn’t even have to be spiritual reading, although that’s perfect this time of year, but anything that reinforces peace.  It doesn’t take much time unless you want it to but it sure can make a huge difference in your life.

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Gentle Re-entry

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One thing we have learned after taking a break from the routine or going on vacation is to be gentle with ourselves when resuming our regular schedules. Re-entering your work space or home life if you were on a “staycation” can be jarring enough right at the 6:00 am alarm clock. Get your day started right by reminding yourself often to take it easy and go slow. Remembering to keep a mindful attitude acts as a way to extend your vacation attitude as well. Why rush through the day? Can you find a way to meet your deadlines in a relaxed mental state? Give yourself the gift of gentleness this week and remember to pause and smile. It will be contagious to those around you!

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Take a Break!

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We are taking a week off to rest and recoup! Schools are closed, routines are forgotten and r & r is required! We hope your winter recess is relaxing too!

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