Holly and Heather’s Handy Hint: Get Crafty, Take Up a Hobby!

by helpinghandstwins

We love lots of things “crafty” and have a few hobbies that are very rewarding. A lucky few can parlay their favorite passion into their life’s work but most people, like us, just get enjoyment from creating. Indulging in a hobby can be good for the soul, a way to unwind and focus on something creative.

As kids we loved to make hook rugs, sew needle point and paint ceramics. As adults, one of our favorite things to do is crochet. Our mom taught us and the three of us have been known to visit yarn shops in search of unique colors and textures for our projects. It is fun to make blankets, pot holders and scarfs for ourselves as well as donating our creations.  How rewarding to know that your colorful scarf is keeping someone a little warmer in the winter? We have given baby blankets for new arrivals and crocheted hats for our kids.

Another favorite hobby of ours is scrapbooking. Whether alone or with friends it’s so much fun to take your photos and transform them into a beautiful memory book. It’s very satisfying to see the finished project and especially fun to make small books for people to give on special occasions. Whether you enjoy cooking, playing softball or collecting, hobbies are a fun, relaxing way to enjoy the small pleasures of life!  What is your favorite?