Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Preparing for a Joyous Holiday!

by helpinghandstwins

Easter is on its way and Passover has already begun. No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year, there are more ways to get ready for it then simply hanging decorations and doing some shopping. Preparing for guests and gatherings is important, but what about preparing our “inside” world in addition to our “outside” world?

We noticed a certain theme with many celebratory events: journey through the difficult to revel in the glory. How much more do we appreciate the party after all the work it has taken to get there? And this is especially true this season. There is a certain amount of hardship undertaken before the holiday. We are trying to get ourselves ready on the “inside” for the special event. Here are a few things that might help with the journey and maybe make your holiday and ours a little more special:
* Do something for someone in need. Call someone who needs a receptive ear. Donate to a good cause. Give in any way – big or small – that is helpful and needed.
* Give up something that is causing you difficulties. If you think that chocolate bar is leading to diabetes, by all means, help yourself by eating something healthy. But how about giving up something like gossiping or negative thoughts? Replace the time spent on what you give up with something you can do positively for yourself.
* Spend quite time alone. Sit in prayer, meditation or in solitude reflecting on what’s important to you.
* Forgive and allow yourself to be forgiven.

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Springtime! No matter what you celebrate, enjoy your gatherings. We wish you happy, loving times and hope you prepare your inner and outer worlds during this special time of year!