Holly & Heather’s Helping Hands: Aging – It’s Inevitable

by helpinghandstwins

So you’re going along fine one day, bend down to pick something up off the floor and your back twinges so painfully that it hurts to stand. Or maybe you’re walking up the stairs and the house is real quiet and you hear this squishing sound that seems to be coming from your knees. What about that slight pain in your shoulder when you’re just lifting your fork to eat and after a few days it’s so bad that you have a frozen shoulder and can’t lift your arm.  Guess what, we are all aging!

Of course any change in your health should be taken seriously and be checked by a doctor. But here’s the thing; what if you’re completely healthy and all of the aches and pains are just a by-product of aging?  It’s a harsh realization to some.  All of our parts can’t last forever, things just seem to wear out after a while. When you’re young you can take a fall and get right up as if nothing happened. When you get past 40, forget it. You just don’t bounce back as before.

We all know the secrets to aging healthfully: good diet, exercise, sleep, etc. Even if you are doing all of those things, you are still going to age. In a way, it takes a little paranoia out of the equation.  It’s a benign answer to some nagging questions about little things that may be changing in your body. It also awakens you to the fact that as time marches on, you are getting older.  It brings us back to an earlier blog, celebrate each day. Live in the present. Do good.  Here’s to aging! May your aches, pains & creaks be few and far between!