Holly & Heather’s Helping Hands: Handling Tough Times

by helpinghandstwins

We all receive bad news from time to time. Even hearing of unfortunate events on the news can really trouble us. But what if it’s the kind of news that is very personal and very devastating. How do you handle it? Sadness…anger…acceptance…most of us go through these stages. But we have two great role models in our family who have both had health issues and have seemed to find other ways to focus their attention: humor and optimism.

It is amazing what humor can do to a room full of sad people. It is lightening and uplifting. And optimism is similar. It shifts the focus from depression and despair to hope and the future. The concerns are still there and they may be for a long time…even a lifetime. But when you mix in a bit of what our relatives have discovered, they make the sadness a little bit brighter.

This blog is dedicated to our Dad & Uncle Peter; we love you more than you know.