Holly & Heather’s Helping Hands: Happy Anniversary to our Blog!

by helpinghandstwins

It’s our 1 year anniversary of blogging! We’re giving ourselves a big “happy anniversary” this week!

One year ago, when we started to talk about the idea of a blog, we pretty much had one goal in mind: try to help make the world a better place. If we could try to create peace with our words, maybe that could help someone have a better day and put that positivity out into the world.  With that in mind, each week we try to share a thought to that end, whether it is something very concrete, like donating to a charity, or something more of a change in mindset such as, being true to yourself. When you are inwardly happy and peaceful, that comes out to others and it reflects how you deal with many situations in life.

The thought of our mission statement is rewarding to us and our hope is that it is helpful in some small way through all the challenges life brings.  It’s constantly a work in progress but with each blog, we’ve tried to focus on something positive and uplifting – a helpful hint!  We hope you are enjoying reading our blog as much as we are enjoying writing it!