Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Managing Disappointment

by helpinghandstwins

We have a phrase that we tell each other that helps keep disappointment at bay – keep expectations low. When you expect little to nothing, you’re never disappointed, right? Or when that glimmer of hope presents itself, you are then overjoyed because you have received more than you thought you would. Well, try as we may to keep our expectations low, disappointment still occurs. So what to do?

For us, talking about what’s on our minds and letting time pass seems to help the most. Let downs are pretty much a part of life (we can’t always get what we want), but getting over feelings isn’t quick or easy. Writing helps too and focusing on others. Looking outside of ourselves during times when inward reflections are bringing us down is a good antidote. We are continuing to collect food for our local pantries this month and next month we’ll help with a coat drive for the winter.

Disappointment is inevitable. Feel it…grieve it….let it go and move on.