Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Appreciate the Good Stuff

by helpinghandstwins

As a counter to last week’s blog, Managing Disappointment, it’s always a good idea every now & again to take stock of all the good in your life. While it’s true that disappointment is a part of life, looking at things from a different perspective can really change your attitude.

What one thing can you be thankful for right now?  A roof over your head? Food in the pantry? The loved one you are sharing your life with, perhaps even a pet?  Even if you just walk outside, look around.  Is the sun shining?  These questions are not meant to diminish your problems but rather to lift you up and think about things from a larger point of view.  We can always find something to appreciate in life.  Look deep within or maybe right in front of you and you can too.

Thinking about things outside of life’s disappointments can put you into better spirits.  That good mood you keep yourself in is infectious and really does help spread good throughout the world. That smile or kind word you say to someone may help them to smile back, and hopefully pass it on to another.  There’s a ripple effect in your good outlook that spreads in a continuous effort to help make this world a better place.