Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Love the True You!

by helpinghandstwins


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As women in our 40’s, we’ve had many looks over the years. Fashion styles came and went, different makeup phases, earring piercings and hair colors. For the most part, we have embraced our straight, dark locks. As teens, dying our hair eggplant and getting a perm was for fun. Our mom, who always changed her hairstyle, was all about freedom of expression when it came to our style.

As adults our hair remained pretty much gray-free for many decades. Within the last few years a few more than usual have been sprouting up. Sometimes we choose to have a total color process, sometimes just highlights, but for the most part we usually let it grow out and go au-natural.  That being a choice, it is the true us.  So when an acquaintance one of us knows, told us we looked a decade older with our gray strands (and added it wasn’t pretty), it was very insulting.  The point of this blog is not to point out her insensitivity but to question the idea that some things others might find off-putting are actually a part of the true you.  People make decisions all the time about their appearance and to each his own.  You have to be comfortable with yourself and love the true you!

Hair color is something we can change and maybe we will, or maybe we won’t.  It’s all good no matter what; let’s be accepting of each other!