Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Inspiring Words

by helpinghandstwins

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“Enjoy going through life as yourself.”  A quote by Lena Dunham we recently read.  We’ve blogged before about being true to yourself.  There is something about that message that is so powerful and wonderful.  It is forgiving and freeing.  So often we feel guilty if we are not “perfect”, trying so hard to say and do the right thing all the time that we can lose sense of ourselves.  Worrying about pleasing everybody, we sometimes put aside our own likes and dislikes.  It can interfere with what fulfills us in a career, the food we eat, friendships and how we spend our time at home.  While we do not want to live a selfish life, we want to be free to be ourselves.  And to enjoy it.  That is the hard part.