Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Detach With Love

by helpinghandstwins

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The season of lent is upon those who believe and partake in it. Traditionally it calls for participation in three areas: fasting, giving and praying. We have blogged about these things in the past but would like to explore another concept also appropriate to the season – detachment. Typically in lent, our efforts focus on giving something up, saying special or extra prayers and volunteering to help the poor in some way. While these are still true (and really are beneficial year round ideas), detachment can be helpful to practice as well.

What is detachment? It is a way of separating or distancing yourself from something/someone. While many believe it to have negative connotations, it can be a very healthy process that does not involve cutting yourself off from things or people at all. It involves setting up internal boundaries for yourself so as to protect yourself from situations that may be harmful for your spiritual or emotional growth. During lent, practicing detachment can help put matters into perspective and help you focus your attention on what’s truly important in your life for your spiritual and emotional well being.

Detaching with love is the best way to engage. Practically speaking, if one chooses to “give up” gossiping, for example, purposefully removing oneself from those who engage in gossip does not mean to never have contact with them again. It means to stay firm in the boundary you have placed for yourself, redirecting the conversation or walking away for a minute or two. It does not mean you should begin judging those who still gossip or get “preachy” about it but rather see the situation with eyes of love and live by example so the relationship grows positively.