Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Be Friendly!

by helpinghandstwins

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This time of year is great for people to get away on vacation or even just take a long weekend to go to a new place.  Living near a big city can be tough sometimes.  It can definitely leave you with a tougher reputation for being a little cynical or jaded.  Living in any major city brings a different way of life, it can be very fast paced and unfortunately you always have to be a little guarded.  Whenever we get away to a moral rural atmosphere, it always takes a day to decompress and we marvel at the slower paced lifestyle and sometimes overly friendly people.  It’s a great change but we are not used to it!

We recently took a couple of trips to trip to New England and went down south. We could not get over the differences in the population’s dispositions. When strangers passed us by as we were driving around waving and making eye contact, we were at first a little skeptical.  Why are they being so friendly?  Do they want something from us?  As the trip progressed we noticed nearly everyone smiling and making small talk with us. We began to realize that in some communities, that was the norm! We don’t want to have jaded ways (definitely a by-product of our environment), and that behavior doesn’t seem to be the norm where we live even though most people here are truly friendly, welcoming and down to earth.

When our kids were little, we would teach them not to talk to strangers or give out any personal information about themselves but then where do you draw the line about teaching them not to be afraid of everyone out in the big, wide world?  We usually have to get to know someone to experience their true self.  But most people we encountered were total strangers simply being nice.  And not just to us, to everyone they met.  And the longer we stayed in that environment the more it rubbed off on us. And it felt so good! So wherever you may travel to this summer or even if you staycation, remember to smile. Friendliness is contagious!