Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Twin Time!

by helpinghandstwins

Every year in Twinsburg, Ohio there is a festival celebrating twins. Every year we say we want to go and something always gets in the way and we never make it there. Since the festival was in the beginning of August, we thought it’d be fun to write about some fun twin stuff this month.  Interestingly enough, when we wrote a twin blog back in 2012 we answered some of the top twin questions we get asked.  Out of the 9 questions we posted, 4 are in the top most popular according to an on-line article we read (see our blog from June 7, 2012).

Here are a few more interesting things we’ve read about or discovered:

Twins are easier to raise because you go through all the stages together with toys, school and most activities.

There is a lot of pride in being the first-born twin.  That’s Heather’s distinction being 3 minutes older!

Twins aren’t as competitive as you’d think they’d be.  We are very used to comparisons!

Some things about the way twins interact are hard to understand if you’re not a twin.  There is an ease in communication and thinking that, for us, is probably a combination of nature and nurture.

Twins have a built-in best friend (that’s us for sure!)


Hopefully one of these days we will get to that festival in Twinsburg and be able to tell you all about it!