Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Enjoyment of the Season

by helpinghandstwins

Are you in the “holiday spirit” kind of mood? As we said last week, we love this time of year and are not just trying but actually enjoying every moment of it. For us, not waiting until the last minute to do things is key. Shopping is almost done, holidays parties have been given and attended and are still happening! Family time is planned with ornament making and Christmas movies being watched. It does take time and effort but is so worth the enjoyment of the season.

There is still plenty of time to make the most of the holidays if you haven’t already.  Set aside some time to bake cookies, drive thru a holiday light show and wrap presents.  It makes the season feel more relaxed when you schedule some fun and more fulfilled when you’re not rushing around and can actually enjoy your activities.  And don’t forget about the reason for the season; taking some time to be thankful for blessings adds an indescribable happiness to your heart that brightens your holidays!