Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Show Compassion

by helpinghandstwins

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We spent a day together this past week under not the best of circumstances. One of us was injured and the other spent the day helping out with doctor visits, medication, cooking, picking up the kids, etc. But the lesson of the day for us was about compassion – not only between us but noticed everywhere we went.

Doctor visits can be stressful. At the onset, it’s usually difficult to get an appointment, especially a last minute one, and then there’s a lot of waiting – to sign in, see the doctor, check out. When you’re in pain it’s no picnic! But  healthcare providers can make all the difference.  Compassion in the medical field is a must and the care we had last week was great. It was such a blessing to be treated so compassionately by people who were essentially strangers to us.

And it didn’t end there! The pharmacy, errands, family, friends, co-workers, we felt the goodness of humanity that day, a day we really needed it. And we are fine, a “this too shall pass” injury, but we will definitely remember the love and compassion felt all around us that day, long after restored health. Happy Lent…share the blessings as we strive to as well!