Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Enjoy Spring to the Fullest!

by helpinghandstwins

The first full week of spring is behind us and while we are so happy about this, it still feels like winter here in the northeast. With a fresh foot of snow on the ground, it is hard to feel the spring love! But Easter is almost here so we are forging on, enjoying the new season despite the weather.

One way to turn a new seasonal leaf is through decorations. Everything winter has come down from our homes and been replaced with spring paraphernalia. Simply placing a plain, white bowl on a coffee table is a great way to bring the season indoors. Place colored eggs, tree branches, or whatever you have on hand and it becomes an instant eye catcher. We have blogged in the past about how crafty our mother is and we place many of her homemade items around the house. They are so unique and special to us! The pictures above were a gift from last Easter.

And soon we will be outdoors, taking walks, setting up our patios and porches and getting our gardens ready. With the extra hour of daylight here, it is hard not to anticipate warm, sunny days ahead!