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Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Love is Always in the Air!


February is always full of hearts and flowers for St. Valentine’s day but we declare that it’s all about love 365/24/7!  And not just the romantic kind everyone is so focused on now but also the love for others – your family, animals, our environment, God and yourself.  As you are going through your day, take time to center yourself and remember the love that you have to give. It could be big – donating your time to a charitable project, or small – a hug for your loved one, but the love is always there.  And it’s important to remember that you love and are loved.

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Balance

We’ve blogged in the past about hygge, the Danish word for a cozy and content lifestyle and now we’re hearing about lagom, a Swedish term for “just the right amount” or “not too little, not too much”.  We would like to combine this idea with what we love about hygge; it feels like they go perfectly together.

We all need balance in life; if you spend too much time talking in work all day, you crave quiet when you get home.  We used to tell our kids when they were little that you can’t eat cake and ice cream for every meal, have a little, but also have your meat and veggies.  You can apply the concept of balance to anything in your life and when you combine it with hygge, the happiness quotient is multiplied!

We might feel unproductive if we lay around in our jammies all day (certainly hygge if it’s raining out and you’re drinking hot chocolate with a loved one!) but if you balance that with doing chores and cooking a healthy meal or donating your time to a good cause you’re finding balance.

Whatever you may feel you’re doing too much of, try balancing that out with something else.  Bonus for keeping simple pleasures in life a priority for you and your loved ones!


* Cousin Pat, sending our love to you and your family

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Lemons and Yoga and Sleep, oh my!

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Continuing our quest for a “better us” for 2018, we began doing a series of video workshops on healthy living. Even if we already “know” so much about what it takes to keep our bodies and minds balanced, it is always refreshing to reacquaint ourselves with long forgotten wisdom. And we were so happy to hear that living our lives WITH JOY is part of healthy living! Why do we sometimes forget that? That’s a topic for another blog…

Nutrition is certainly integral to keeping our bodies free from illness. One take away this week was drinking lemon water every day. Lemons are an amazing fruit that contain vitamin C and can help reduce inflammation. And we all know the importance of keeping our bodies hydrated with good, old fashioned water throughout the day.

Movement of any kind is also vital to maintaining our range of motion in our joints, flexibility and strength. We enjoy practicing yoga weekly not only for the physical benefits but also for the meditative and spiritual aspects as well. After a class, we feel the immediate effects of energy, peace and groundedness.

Lastly but probably most importantly is the power of sleep in our lives. We all know how cranky and sick we feel when we don’t get enough. What we didn’t realize is how much our brains are working when we sleep – repairing what needs repairing in our bodies, resetting our immune systems, cycling through different stages to help us psychologically as well. And so we both bought new pillows this month to aid a restful, restorative night’s sleep.

Any healthy thoughts to share?

Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Take a Break and Enjoy!

We all work so hard so many days, out in the world and inside our own homes. There is always a task or a chore to be done. But sometimes you have to say, “I need a break AND I need to have some good times!” And that’s exactly what we did last weekend!

Anyone who knows us well knows that in our teenage years…long ago…we were major soap opera junkies! Our favorite at the time was General Hospital and one of our heart throbs was Rick Springfield who played Dr. Noah Drake. After he left the show we spent endless hours listening to his album, “Working Class Dog” which we had to stop and start a bazillion times to be able to write down every word to “Jessie’s Girl” in order to learn all the words and sing it by heart (no YouTube back then!). Well it just so happens that Rick has a new album coming out and he is on tour and we got to see him!!! He was amazing, still has a great voice at age 68 and can play the guitar like nobody’s business.

Doing something fun and special together, for us, is so important. We don’t get to do it frequently but we are always planning so we have something to look forward to. Taking a break to enjoy yourself is so important. It needs to be scheduled into your life as much as any other priority that life throws your way.

Here’s to Rick! ❤️

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